Welcome to Waltens International and Perfoming Dog Show

The Waltens, Willy and Tinkerbelle have been performing together in the USA for 35 years. They present a professional show for many different venues.
Schools – 45 minute show strongly stressing motivation, importance of practice, staying focused and a “Just Say No Message.”
Fairs & Festival – 25 to 30 minute show on a free stage, very visual for all ages (20 x 25 area required)
Day & Overnight Summer Camps – 45 minutes to 1 hour show entertainment only, indoors minumum 12 foot ceiling clearance, outside on grass or concrete (basketball courts or pavilion)
Summer Resorts/Family Campgrounds – 1 hour show location flexible to best fit resort. Mobile PA available for announcemnts about our show.
Circus – 3 different 8 minute acts available
Amusement Parks – 20 to 30 minute show (performed in the Knoebels Amusement Park Elysburg, PA for 16 years).

Acrobatic and Dog Show
Balancing Juggling Performing Dogs
Deland, FL

The Waltens Acrobatic And Performing Dog Show is a fast moving mini circus suitable for all types of festivals and fairs. Duration can be as short as 20 minutes up to 45 minutes. We perform up to 3 shows a day. Our price is very reasonable so contacting us is the best thing to do.

The show is fully self contained. We carry our own lights, P.A. and music system. We have a generator available if the location is far from an electric outlet. Generally we perform on your stage or the ground, all types of surfaces. We need a 30×40 performing area. We do not carry any seats or bleachers for the public.

Our show consists of balancing feats, juggling, comedy, some magic, the 4 performing poodles and audience participation if requested. We have performed at numerous fairs, amusement parks, stage show including Branson, Mo. We are seasoned professionals with over 70 combined years of performing experience around the world. We provide a number one show to every audience. Call us if you have questions or to schedule a date with us.

Waltens International and Perfoming Dog Show